Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Unit

    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    LO1 - Be able to plan the assessment of occupational competence

    • Synopsis of LO1

    • 1.1 Plan assessment of occupational competence based on the following methods

    • 1.2 Communicate the purpose, requirements and processes of assessing occupational competence to the learner

    • 1.3 Plan the assessment of occupational competence to address learner needs and current achievements

    • 1.4 Identify opportunities for holistic assessment

  • 3

    LO2 - Be able to make assessment decisions about occupational competence

    • Synopsis of LO2

    • 2.1 Use valid, fair and reliable assessment methods

    • 2.2 Make assessment decisions of occupational competence against specified criteria

    • 2.3 Follow standardisation procedures

    • 2.4 Provide feedback to learners that affirms achievement and identifies any further implications for learning, assessment and progression

  • 4

    LO3 - Be able to provide required information following the assessment of occupational competence

    • Synopsis of LO3

    • 3.1 Maintain records of the assessment of occupational competence, its outcomes and learner progress

    • 3.2 Make assessment information available to authorised colleagues

    • 3.3 Follow procedures to maintain the confidentiality of assessment information

  • 5

    LO4 - Be able to maintain legal and good practice requirements when assessing occupational competence

    • Synopsis of LO4

    • 4.1 Follow relevant policies, procedures and legislation for the assessment of occupational competence, including those for health, safety and welfare

    • 4.2 Apply requirements for equality and diversity and, where appropriate, bilingualism, when assessing occupational competence

    • 4.3 Evaluate own work in carrying out assessments of occupational competence

    • 4.4 Maintain the currency of own expertise and competence as relevant to own role in assessing occupational competence