Learning Solutions for organisations and individuals  

Learning and Development Solutions for Employers and Organisations 

Courses For Jobs have a range of subjects and delivery options to enable employers and organisations to develop their staff.  We are ready to discuss your particular needs and work with you to find the best solutions for your organisation. 

We can help employers and organisations to train and develop their staff to improve their productivity, efficiency, the customer experience, the leadership and management, and create or strengthen the succession pipeline.

There are a variety of learning and training solutions to suit your needs:

  • Supporting Staff Induction and On-boarding by delivering structured training to new members of staff and helping them take on their work responsibilities.
  • Supporting your existing staff to undertake industry-recognised qualifications, to improve productivity, efficiency, and bring new expertise into the business
  • Supporting management development, to help improve the leadership within the organisation 
  • Supporting use of structured learning and development programmes to create a succession pipeline that strengthens the organisation
  • Any other bespoke training that is required for your organisation, including hosting your in-house learning, induction or on-boarding materials on a private learning space for your staff. 

Learning and Development Solutions for Individuals 

Courses for Jobs makes formal learning and development available to all learners, whether they are eligible for government funding, other sponsorship or not. 

Our qualifications and courses enable learners to get qualified for their next promotion or their next job, or to become experts in their field. 

Learners study at their own pace, with support from a tutor and blended learning support, and can therefore fit their studies around their work and other commitments.  

Our Courses enable those learners and individuals who are not eligible for government funding or other sponsorship but do not want to get a 24-plus Loan, to gain a recognised national qualification and progress their careers 

Our competitive fees enable those learners on a tight budget to enrol and study for recognised and accredited qualifications. Course fees can be paid once, in full, or in monthly instalments. 

Monthly payments can be by Direct Debit, standing order, or by credit card, whichever suits the learner. 

Immediate start at learner's convenience, Flexible Delivery

With our Distance Learning delivery options, a learner can start immediately, at their own convenience, whenever they are ready. 

Our flexible delivery options enable to individual to work full-time and still study and gain a fully recognised qualification to support long-term career growth. 

Modes of delivery available 

Distance Learning 

There are three different levels of distance learning options, depending of the level of support that the learner wants. 

  • Blended Interactive Learning - with extra support including personalised one-to-one tutorials for every unit/module, support visits as required. The learner fully in charge of their own timetable, with face-to-face support, and guidance.
  • Standard Distance Learning - includes a combination of distance tutor support, regular telephone support and email support, and study materials over the study period, with the learner fully in charge of their own timetable.
  • E-Learning with assessment - basic support with online learning materials and assessment, with the learner fully in charge of their own timetable. 

Face to face and classroom lectures 

On the employer's site - if there are enough numbers 

Off-site at a training venue, where their staff join other delegates and attend the training sessions

Qualifications and Current Subject Areas 

Courses For Jobs delivers Ofqual-accredited and recognised Qualifications in the following areas (by alphabetical order):

  • Assessing Competence and Achievement
  • Business and Administration 
  • Childcare 
  • Customer Service
  • Health and Social Care
  • Internal Quality Assurance
  • Management
  • Team Leading

Multiple enrolments attract discounts.

Short courses for jobs

Most of our short courses are based on Ofqual-accredited units. 

Employers and organisations can have these short courses customised for the needs of the business, and their staff developed along accordingly. 

Individuals can use the short courses for CPD or to gradually build up credits that will later make up a full qualification.

Free pre-enrolment Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) available 

Most of the courses featured on our website have a Preview section, and the learner can see these by creating a free account on our website, logging in and viewing the free information. If the prospective learner requires further IAG we are pleased to provide that by phone and email. 

Contact Us for a free discussion on your training and development needs and how we can support you to develop and retain your staff.