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Why study with Courses For Jobs?

Why Choose Courses For Jobs?

  • Learning and Assessment activities not affected by COVID-19. It is business as usual at Courses For Jobs. 
  • Flexible monthly Payment plans. No Credit Checks.
  • Recognised Training Provider based in England. 
  • Fully Ofqual-accredited qualifications with pathway choices of your own.
  • 24-hour access to Online Learning System and Online Assessment System 
  • 24-hour Access to ePortfolio for up to 6 years, even after completion
  • Tutor-Supported Learning with Online, Distance and Blended Learning components
  • Learners have access to all their assignments, even when paying by monthly payment plan.
  • Flexible assessment methods and flexible evidence-collection methods
  • Responsive online tutor and assessor support.
  • Duration can be extended, subject to terms and conditions.
  • ePortfolio Login access for Internal Verifier (IV), Internal Quality Assurer (IQA), Moderator, speeds up quality assurance of learners' coursework 
  • EQA (External Quality Assurer) login access to ePortfolios speeds up Awarding Body Certifications
  • Inclusive Learning Resources for Ease of study.
  • Technical support team available Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 
  • Multiple ways to contact us including email, online messaging, phone calls, text messaging etc. 
  • Support and advice for job search and employability, as required  
  • If you are not sure which course or qualification is suitable for your needs, create a free account here, login and post your questions in the Community for IAG and Career Advice.

Important Note: 

At the moment, our qualifications are accredited for delivery in England, but some are also available to those living and working in Wales. 

If a learner does not live or work in England or Wales, it is unlikely that we can take them as a student for Our Full recognised qualifications. 

Short courses are available to everyone including international students living outside the UK.