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Read all the information on this page, to understand how we work.

Our online training courses help individuals and teams to achieve their learning and development goals. You can pay for yourself, or gift a course or bundle to your friends and family, or pay for your staff to receive training for their job roles. Read all the information on this page, to understand how we work. See Support Page for FAQs. You can also create a free account, post your query in the Community and we will answer your questions.
Please Read All Information on This Page to know how we work

Requirements for Enrolments and Studies

Learners are assumed to already have the necessary internet skills

Anyone using this site is assumed to already have the necessary internet skills to undertake an online course. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary internet skills to login to our site. We don't teach people basic internet skills, or how to use their own devices, as those are not within the scope of our online course delivery.
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Online course requirements

Online Courses Delivery Process

Delivery of Online courses and Learner Support 

To study the coursework, all the learner has to do is "point and click", making it easy to get through 100% of learning resources, tests, certificates, etc.

The only requirement is learner's unique email address so that login details can be emailed to the learner. 

Delivered within our modern secure password-protected online LMS (Learning Management System). No downloads or PDFs required

For all courses, our Process for studying, learning support, exams, tests, and certificates, make it easy for anyone to gain the learning they need, regardless of their ability or devices they own.

Our LMS provides the learner with easy online access to all learning materials, all assignments, your completion certificates, along with dedicated support by assessors, tutors, and peers via the private online community for the particular course.

Learners receive quick responses via the LMS, to their queries and requests for support.

If the course has a test linked to it, the results are immediately available. Retakes of tests can be done anytime, until the course expires. 

Most online course enrolments last 12 months, providing enough time for the learner to complete their learning. 

When logged into our LMS, the learner can keep track of all of their assessments and assignments. The learner will see their progress through each of the courses they are studying, and within each course a progress bar is also seen. In addition, learners receive weekly email reminders, thereby enabling the learner to stay on track with their studies.

On completing a course, the completion certificate is immediately available to the learner as a PDF document in their secure online learner account. If they want to, the learner can download their PDF certificate of completion whenever you want.

Each certificate of completion has a unique code and a unique link. 

Within the learner account is a web link to each certificate, that the learner can share with employers and recruiters to view your completion certificate(s) online. Therefore the learner doesn't need to download email each certificate as attachment to recruiters or employers, as they can view it via the link you share with them. 

The certificate(s) of completion remains permanently in the learner account within our LMS.

This is useful for learners who don't have the resources to download or store documents. 

Sharing the link to the PDF certificates saves on printing costs, saves some trees and is kinder to the environment (as paper is made from trees) and thereby contributes to sustainability and helps in reducing climate change. It is also kinder to your wallet as it saves on postage costs. 

Recognised Qualifications have different enrolment periods, and different delivery options, which the learner can choose upon enrolment. 

Enrolments are not transferable.

The Learner Account is not interchangeable, and cannot be transferred from one person to another

All users of this site must abide by our Terms and Conditions, regardless of any payments they made. There aren't any exceptions.

Courses For Jobs Ltd is a recognised and regulated training provider of Ofqual-recognised qualifications, and all activities by all users on this site must conform to the high quality standards that must be maintained, as conditions of our Centre Approval. 

Courses For Jobs Ltd will not condone any type of student malpractice or any attempts to deceive us, by anyone including buyers/sponsors, regardless of the payment they made on this site.  

Employers use the certificates of completion to make employment decisions and assign work to individuals based on training they had undertaken. If someone else has accessed a learner's account, or if a certificate has been transferred to someone else, that could result in the recipient of that certificate being assigned work they have not been trained to do. This could result in harm to the client, or even death of a vulnerable person. 

We expect all buyers and all learners to be aware of the possible far-reaching consequences of deception during learning activities, and therefore, at Courses For Jobs Ltd, we are quite strict in expecting everyone on this site to behave professionally, be honest, and not to attempt any deception. 

Non-UK users, and international students and their sponsors must abide by our Terms and Conditions, at all times, the same as everyone else. 


These Terms and Conditions are rigorously enforced. 

You must read information provided on the public page

Each Course, Bundle, or Qualification has a public web page with detailed information

We aim to provide as much information as possible to help anyone choose the right course or qualification. However, we cannot do your reading for you. It is your responsibility to read the full information provided on the public landing page for the course, or bundle, or qualification. 

Courses and Bundles are available to everyone including international students living outside the UK. 

Ofqual-recognised Qualifications are accredited for delivery in England, but some are also accredited for delivery to those living and working in Wales and Northern Ireland.  

Payment Links with multiple options

Payment Links are more flexible than just Cards

The payment link gives you multiple ways to pay by supporting the following payment methods: Card - all major credit cards and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bacs Direct Debit, Alipay, Klarna, WeChat Pay, Link, PayPal, Revolut Pay
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Access after using Payment Link

After Enrolment, Click on My Dashboard

Within 24 hours of payment (during working hours we usually respond within an hour), the Buyer will receive an email asking them to provide details of the learner or learners, for enrolment. Once we receive a response from the Buyer, we create the learner account(s), enrol the learner(s) into the courses, and we send each learner an email with full login instructions.
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See the Support Page for FAQs

The Support Page contains solutions to the commonest issues that users report while using our site. Please read the full information provided on the Support Page. We don't deliver support by phone.
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Support Page at Courses For Jobs Ltd

Why study with Courses For Jobs Ltd?

Why Choose Courses For Jobs Ltd?

  • Recognised Training Provider based in England, delivering courses and recognised qualifications based on recognised national occupational standards for jobs and job roles.
  • All courses are quality-assured and delivered to the highest quality standards. 
  • Fully Ofqual-recognised qualifications, with supported pathways of your choice
  • Blended Skills-based Assessment activities for qualifications are undertaken remotely, so there are no workplace visits,  so there is no interruption of assessments. 
  • Flexible monthly Payment plans. No Credit Checks.
  • 24-hour access to Online Learning System and Online Assessment System 
  • 24-hour Access to ePortfolio for qualifications, even after completion
  • Tutor-Supported Learning with Online, Distance and Blended Learning components
  • Learners have access to all their assignments, even when paying by monthly payment plan.
  • Flexible assessment methods and flexible evidence-collection methods
  • Responsive online tutor and assessor support.
  • Duration can be extended, subject to terms and conditions.
  • ePortfolio Login access for Internal Verifier (IV), Internal Quality Assurer (IQA), Moderator, speeds up quality assurance of learners' coursework 
  • EQA (External Quality Assurer) login access to ePortfolios speeds up Awarding Body Certifications
  • Inclusive Learning Resources for Ease of study.
  • Technical support team available Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 
  • Enrolled students have multiple ways to interact with us including email, online messaging, Zoom video calls, according to the terms of payments made by the learner. 
  • Support and advice for job search and employability, as required  


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