1. Privacy Policy of Courses For Jobs Ltd

All information collected on this site are used to deliver your qualification or course to you. We do not sell lists or names to third parties.

This website is encrypted by SSL to provide increased security, especially security for payments.

Data Protection 

The Learner agrees that in relation to any personal data provided by or on behalf of the Learner to us, we may use such personal data to:

(a) perform our training provider obligations to the learner (including our obligations to the Awarding Body);

(b) enforce our rights under this agreement;

(c) inform the Learner about courses, products or services which we believe may be of interest, or could help the learner achieve future career goals;

(d) inform the Learner of assignment results from the course and any feedback considered relevant;

(e) where the Learner’s employer pays the course fees, the employer may request information regarding the learner's progress, attendance, and results. Note that we will only release this information to the employer if we receive written permission from the learner. If the Learner refuses this consent for us to share their progress information with their employer, we will abide by it, and will inform the employer to liaise directly with the learner. 

(f) Each certificate has a special number. if a learner shares a certificate with an employer, and that employer contacts us to authenticate the certificate, we will only provide that employer with the certificate authentication information required if they give us the certificate number, and nothing more. If the right certificate number is not provided, we will treat the request as either a "fishing expedition" or a fraudulent request, and we will ignore such a request. 

(g) if a statutory authority or court of law, requests information on a learner, based on a certificate issued by us, under the prevailing laws we must comply with such a request, as non-compliance by us will mean "contempt of court.


Courses For Jobs Ltd (CFJ) and the Learner shall keep confidential any information relating to either party (CFJ or the Learner) which is either marked “confidential” or which ought to be reasonably assumed is confidential and which is disclosed to it by the other party and shall only use such information in relation to the provision of courses. 

During qualifications delivery, and qualifications assessments, conversations between the Assessor and Learner, or between a Tutor and a Learner, are treated with the highest level of confidentiality, including contents of assignments and work-based evidence submitted by the learner. 

Confidential 3rd party Information shall include (but not be limited to) discussions within written assignments and work-based evidence which, for example, relate to company procedures and/or policies. These information will only be used for what it is intended, to assess the Learner's knowledge and skills, provide feedback and additional learning, and enable the Learner gain the qualification.

By enrolling on any of our qualifications and courses, you agree to abide by this Privacy Policy.