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How to Contact Us about our courses and qualifications

The quickest way to contact us is by logging in and using our private community. 

Create a Free Account and post your question or request in the Forum at 

Careers Advice and IAG Community Forum

We do not take courses enquiries by phone as all interactions must be fully recorded. 

Only contact us for recognised qualifications if you live in or work within our delivery areas of England or Wales. 

If you are not within these delivery areas of England or Wales, you cannot study for our recognised qualification, but you may be able to study for a short course.  

Other ways to reach us are:

By completing a Contact Form 

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Or by email to  

Or write to us at:

Courses For Jobs Ltd, 

26 Kings Crescent, 


South Yorkshire. 

DN12 1BD 

We do not provide course information by telephone. 

Important Note about recognised qualifications: 

At the moment, all our recognised qualifications are accredited for delivery in England, but some are also available to those living and working in Wales. 

If a learner does not live or work in England or Wales, it is unlikely that we can take them as a student, and this includes international students outside the UK. 

Important Information about Enrolment on Qualifications 

All advertised qualifications have a detailed Course Description on the public page. 

Please read the required Course Description before contacting us. 

All our Diplomas are delivered by distance learning and online learning and require the learner to read learning materials online and undertake assignments and assessments online. 

All our qualifications and courses are delivered in English.

Ability to read, understand, interpret information, and write in English is an essential requirement for enrolment into one of our Diplomas. 

We will initially assess a prospective learner's suitability for one of our qualifications, by their ability to read and understand the information provided on the relevant Course Description page.