Bundles of courses are aligned to formal recognised learning programmes

Bundles For Yourself, or Pay for Someone Else

Many bundles are aligned to formal learning programmes and/or qualifications. Bundles support related learning for particular job roles. 

The individual courses in a Bundle can also be studied on its own. 

Training providers can use bundles to support their learners who are undertaking formal qualification assessments. 

Organisations and Trainers can use bundles as training packs, to support their employees.

Some bundles are super-bundles that combine other bundles, to support learning for career progression across different job roles. 

Courses Bundles and Training Packs can save you up to 75% on course fees of multiple courses.  

Terms and conditions apply. 

Reminder - Enrolments are not transferable

If the enrolment is for you, then enrol yourself and start learning immediately. 

If the enrolment not for you, but is for someone else, then use the separate payment link on the web-page titled "Pay for Someone Else" and follow the instructions.

Large Bundles and Training Packs

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