For Yourself or Pay for Someone Else

Terms and conditions apply. Reminder - Enrolments are not transferable

If the enrolment is for you, then enrol yourself and start learning immediately. 

If the enrolment is for someone else, then use the link on the webpage titled "Pay for Someone Else" and follow the instructions.

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How to Apply Coupon Code to pay for yourself (Enrolments are not transferable)

Mobile Phone view 

How to add Coupon Code when enrolling yourself 

On Checkout page, click on Add Code, enter the Coupon Code xmas22 and click on Apply. 

See images below. 

Depending on your device, the checkout screen may look like the image below. 

Click on the link indicated by the arrow in the image below. 

In the space for Coupon, enter the Coupon Code, and click on Apply 

See the Discounted price 

Pay for Someone Else - Add Promotion Code

You can pay for as many people as you want

Use the links below to pay for Someone Else 

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