Recognised qualifications available

Courses For Jobs Ltd delivers Ofqual-recognised and accredited Qualifications in the following Subject Areas, in order of popularity: 

  • Health and Social Care qualifications
  • Management qualifications 
  • Team Leading qualifications 
  • Business Administration qualifications 
  • Assessor qualifications 
  • Customer Service qualifications

To enrol and study for any of these qualifications, use the payment links on the public web page of the relevant qualification to pay.  

Full Ofqual-recognised Health and Social Care Qualifications offered include

Including different payment options, whether one-time payment, or by monthly payment plans

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Full Ofqual-recognised Management Qualifications offered include

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Full Ofqual-recognised Customer Service Qualifications offered include:

Paying for Full Ofqual-recognised Qualifications

Flexible Payment Options including Monthly Payment Plans available. No credit checks

Either pay by Card or by Bank Direct Debit 

Stripe is the main payment processor that powers 

our website Checkout, both for one-time payments, and for monthly payment plans.  

PayPal is also linked to our website checkout as an alternative payment processor for one-time payments only.

GoCardless is our payment processor for Direct Debit payments using Bank Transfer to make monthly recurrent payments (Direct Debits) from a UK Bank Account, for those who don’t want to pay by credit card. 

GoCardless is also useful for employers making one-time Bank payments to enrol their staff into a qualification. 

For monthly payment plans, there are no credit checks, and no deposit. It is just the full amount divided into small monthly payments to fit your monthly budget. Once all the monthly payments are done, there is nothing more to pay. 

Prospective learners and their sponsors (including employers) can make payments or create payment plans either by Card Payments using a Debit Card or Credit Card, or payment can be made through their Bank

To access the Direct Debit payment links, please login and contact us. 

IAG - Information, Advice and Guidance for Qualifications

All IAG must be paid for

Courses For Jobs Ltd charges fees for all the services we provide, including charges for Qualification Information, Advice, and Guidance (IAG).  

All qualifications have a public information page. Anyone who wants IAG beyond what is on the public page, should be prepared to pay for it. 

We are not government-funded.

We don't provide free services to anyone.  

Our staff do not work for free. Each of our staff must be paid for any and all of their work, including the time they spend answering questions and providing advice and guidance. 

If you want advice and guidance, you should pay the fee listed on this site for IAG, for the recognised qualification information, advice, and guidance (IAG) as explained in the publicly posted information. 

See available IAG courses and bundles below

IAG Courses and Bundles available - open to all

Information, Advice, and Guidance (IAG) for different Ofqual-recognised Qualifications. IAG is standalone and open to everyone. After undertaking IAG, there is no obligation to pay for the full related qualification. If you are paying for someone else. use the link titled "Pay For Someone Else".