Terms and Conditions of Service 

By signing up for a course, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions of Service. 

A course may have Preview content, and these are free to view.

You can enrol and pay for a course directly through this website, or through paying us directly through bank transfer or direct debit, or by paying through our advertising partners including Reed courses. 

By paying for a course, you have enrolled for that course. Once you start viewing the actual course materials (not the Preview content), then you lose the right to cancel and there are no refunds.

To protect the learner, some of the actual learning materials will not unlock until Day 15 and we will not purchase e-portfolios or awarding body registrations until after day 15. If the learner is paying their fees by monthly instalment payments, then the -Portfolio will not be created until the first monthly payment is received. any expected ma. 

If a learner insists on starting their learning immediately without waiting for the expiration of the 14-day cooling-off period, and they are sure this is what they want, we will comply with the learner's wishes and support the learner to start their assignments sooner than day 15. 

Your statutory right under the consumer protection Consumer Contract Regulations allows you to cancel 14 days before the course starts, that is before course delivery starts. If course delivery has already taken place, then you cannot cancel but you are bound to complete the course.

The Consumer Contracts Regulations contain specific provisions for digital content. If you access digital content from any of our sites and/or access your e-portfolio, within the 14-day cancellation period, then you acknowledge and give your consent that once you have accessed the digital materials you will lose your right to cancel.

The 14-day cooling-off period does not apply to business purchasers, and therefore learners whose fees were paid by a business or their employer rather than an individual, can start immediately.

Some of our competence-based qualifications are for individuals in England only. We will state clearly if this is the case, before you start the qualification.

Your Responsibilities as Learner

  1. To ensure that you have all necessary ICT access and facilities required to participate in, and complete the course.
  2. You must ensure that you have sufficient self-motivation for distance learning study or blended learning study.
  3. You must ensure that you are sufficiently competent in ICT skills and have the necessary equipment and network connections to enable you to receive and send emails and attachments for assessments, to use the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to view learning materials online and/or your smartphone, to use the electronic portfolio system (e-portfolio), all to complete your studies. 
  4. If an additional textbook has been recommended for you, then you must ensure that you purchase your own copy of any recommended textbooks that will aid you in your studies. 
  5. You must ensure that you are honest and of good character in providing evidence of your work activities (without cheating) to meet the required assessment criteria within the target timescales in order to complete your qualification. 
  6. Learners studying full qualifications must read the Qualification Specifications and abide by all the assessment requirements set out by the Awarding Body for recognised qualifications.  
  7. You must ensure that you complete all e-Portfolio Knowledge Tasks/Assignments, and Assessments according to the Unit Standards from the Awarding Body.
  8. You must ensure that you do not cheat on the course, copy or plagiarise, or indulge in any academic misconduct. 
  9. You must ensure that all work submitted by you was actually done by you, and not done by someone else.
  10. To ensure that you do not copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, vary or modify any course materials or software underlying the courses, nor communicate them or it to any third party. Nor can you remove, adapt or otherwise tamper with any copyright, trademark or our logo which appears as part of the course.
  11. To use either the Appeals Procedure, or the Complaints Procedure, as appropriate, to report discontent.
  12. To ensure appropriate and respectful conduct is shown towards tutors, staff and other learners, where applicable. To ensure at all times that you treat our employees with courtesy and respect. We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour, either verbally, physically or in written format.
  13. Unreasonable/abusive behaviour is behaviour or language (whether verbal, i.e. face to face or by telephone, or written) that may cause staff to feel intimidated, threatened or abused. These could result in expulsion of the student from the course/qualification.
  14. Examples of unreasonable or abusive behaviour may lead to expulsion include, but are not exclusive to: 

12. If your company/organisation is paying for your study and you need to be withdrawn from your course for unreasonable/abusive behaviour, we will confirm in writing the circumstances for the withdrawal direct to the company payee/sponsor.

Our Responsibilities as Training Provider 

  1. To provide you with the Learning and Development Delivery  and Assessment Support, according to the services purchased 
  2. On receipt of payment, to create your individual learning plan (ILP) on your e-Portfolio, based on your units/modules, and confirm this with you.
  3. On commencement of the programme of study, to provide you with full induction onto your course, including explaining to you the Appeals Procedure, and the Complaints Procedure, and training on using the e-Portfolio.
  4. To provide you with the necessary support, online tuition, and learning opportunities, and assessments which will lead to the award of the appropriate award/certificate/diploma subject to you successfully fulfilling the requirements of your programme and modules.
  5. To support you and provide you with Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), to enable you achieve your learning goals.
  6. Depending on the services purchased by the learner, to provide one-to-one tutorials and/or group webinars, live conferencing lectures/tutorials, as required, booked in advance by you on the online diary.
  7. To provide feedback on assignments/course work/assessments within 7 working days of the work being uploaded onto the e-portfolio, provided that payments are up-to-date.
  8. To provide a courteous, supportive and friendly service at all times.
  9. To maintain the quality of the courses and qualifications.
  10. To make available to learners, an Appeals Procedure, and a Complaints Procedure.
  11. To maintain our Awarding Body centre accreditation for all our approved courses.
  12. To listen to feedback from learners and continue to develop our websites, learning materials, assessment materials, learner support, and learning delivery methods, for the benefit of our learners.

Learning and Development Delivery and Assessment Support received by the learner are according to the services purchased as follows: 

Training and Blended Learning Support that includes:

Those learners studying for full qualifications will receive

By purchasing your course/qualification from Courses For Jobs, you form a binding contract with Courses For Jobs Ltd for delivery of your course / qualification and you are liable for the full payment, whether you are allowed to pay by monthly instalments or not.