Terms and Conditions of Service for ALL users

1 - These terms and conditions and codes of conduct govern the use of this site 


the online learning platform and online workplace of Courses For Jobs Ltd. These terms and conditions are rigorously enforced by Courses For Jobs Ltd, as part of our governance processes, policies and procedures.  

a) This LMS (Learning Management System) is an online college and a professional working environment. Misbehaviour, Misconduct, Malpractice will result in removal from the course. 

b) Anyone who uses our this website or logs into this LMS is deemed to have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct, whether they are just browsing, or are buying for someone else, or they paid for their course themselves, or someone else paid for their course and gifted it to them. Anyone signing up for an online course on this site is assumed to have the necessary internet skills to undertake such an online course. It is the learner's responsibility to ensure that they have necessary internet skills to login to our site. We don't teach people the basics of how to use the internet, or how to use their own devices, as those are not within the scope of our online course delivery.

c) Payment is only acceptable in British Pounds (£ GBP). Buyers must use a valid card with sufficient funds to pay for a course. If your card is declined at Checkout, repeatedly creating new accounts and re-attempting payment with the same rejected card will not change the outcome, and will result in your card being blocked by your bank or card issuer. Repeatedly attempting to use a rejected card on our Checkout will be considered by us as suspicious financial activity. If your card is declined, use a different card or ask someone else to pay for you. Repeated suspicious financial behaviour on our Checkout will lead to disciplinary action and blocking and banning from our site. 

d) By signing up for a course or qualification, you create a legally binding contract, and you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions of Service. Buyers paying for someone else must use the link titled "Pay for Someone Else" or "Manual Enrolment" displayed on the course landing page. A buyer must not deceive us and pretend to be the learner to obtain certificates for someone else. Such deception and malpractice will result in expulsion from the course.

e) All advertised courses and qualification have a public landing page that is free to view, and prospective learners should read the publicly advertised Course Information on that landing page.

f) A learner can enrol and pay for a learning programme directly through this website. Any discounts given at the time of purchase, are subject to terms and conditions, and if those terms are breached, then the purchaser voids the discount and full price will be charged. Our courses and qualifications can also be purchased through websites of our advertising partners including Reed courses. UK Employers and UK sponsors paying one-time payments of more than £500 can also pay us directly through bank transfer, if card payment is not convenient for them.  

g) By paying for a course and creating your Learner Account with your own details, you have enrolled for that course as yourself. Once you login to the course on this LMS, you lose the right to refund for that course, even if you decide to cancel immediately after accessing the course. Our site is not to be used for "playing silly buggers" purchases whereby a person makes purchases then later claims they made a "mistake". We will dispute all such claims and we will charge the purchaser dispute fees to rectify such "mistakes". All refunds will be subject to a minimum dispute processing fee of £25 which is paid to the human financial administrator who will untangle and clean up the mess made by the purchaser during their alleged "mistake". All records will be kept of such behaviour as indications of the person's character.

h) Your statutory right under the consumer protection Consumer Contract Regulations allows you to cancel 14 days before the course starts, that is before course delivery starts. If you have already logged in to that course on this digital platform, then you lose the right to a refund even if you try to cancel during the first 14 days.

i) The Consumer Contracts Regulations contain specific provisions for digital content. If you login to the course on our LMS or access digital content across any of our online learning and/or assessments sites, within the 14-day cancellation period, then you will lose your right to a refund even if you cancel.

j) The 14-day cooling-off period does not apply to business purchasers. Therefore, learners whose fees were paid by a business or by their employer rather than by an individual, do not qualify for the 14-day cooling off period.

k) Some of our competence-based qualifications are for individuals in England only, while some are for England and Northern Ireland only. We will state clearly within the publicly available Course Information the location requirements of any recognised qualifications, and prospective learners will have been deemed to have read the full Course Information before they started the qualification.

l) It is the learner's responsibility to ensure that their Learner Account is used by only the Learner and no one else, not even by the person who paid for the course. By logging into your Learner Account, you have indicated your agreement to be bound by our Terms and Conditions of Service by Courses For Jobs Ltd.  

m) Each course enrolment is intended for the student only, and no one else. A buyer must not control the learner's access to the coursework by deceiving us into using the buyer's email address as username for enrolment. The coursework studies and/or assessment is NOT a team effort. The learner must not give anyone else access to their learner account on this LMS, not even their manager. The learner account and all the courses and resources provided to the learner are for the learner (student) only, to enable that person undertake learning, and the Certificate of Completion is given to provide proof that the learner whose names are on the certificate undertook the required learning and assessments. Once the Certificate of Completion has been issued, the names on the certificate cannot be changed. The buyer must not deceive us by undertaking coursework and assessments on behalf of someone else. 

n) Certificates are not interchangeable, as that will be fraudulent. And when a buyer or learner undertakes coursework in another person’s name, that is classed as academic fraud. Learners are warned that if a learner provides their login details to multiple persons to gain access to their Learner Account, then we cannot be sure who is actually the learner, and the Learner's enrolment will be cancelled and any certificate they obtained in such suspicious circumstances will be void. Any cancellations due to deception or any type of fraudulent behaviour, either by the buyer and/or the learner, will not have the option of appeal, and without refund of any fees paid, even if within the first 14 days. 

o) Learners, and their buyers, must be honest, professional, and avoid any form of suspicious or unreasonable behaviour, malpractice, dishonesty, cheating, deceit, spamming the discussions/course communities with content not related to the course, or any other nefarious activity, that may void their enrolment or void any certificate they may otherwise obtain on completion of learning. Learners must not upload any content or attempt to convert others to their religion, or use our site to spread any type of religious ideology or any type of radicalisation, as such gross misconduct will result in immediate expulsion from the course.

p) The learner must not make false claims or spread lies about Courses For Jobs Ltd to our corporate partners, for example, by making false allegations such as claiming that login information was not sent to them, when there is clear evidence that their login details were emailed to the learner, and there is clear evidence that the learner has logged into the LMS using the same login information that they claim not to have received. Such false allegations, when proven to be untrue, may result in expulsion from the course, without the option of appeal, and without refund of any fees paid.   

q) Under no circumstances do we guarantee that you will obtain any qualification or a pass from your subject course assessment, quiz, or test, or exam. 

r) All prospective learners are advised to check that the qualification and/or course they are paying for is fit for their purpose and is suitable for their work placement in the region of the United Kingdom that they reside in. 

s) For recognised qualifications, the public Course Information on the landing page will contain details Ofqual-recognised Qualification Number and other details pertaining to the recognition as provided by the Awarding Body. 

t) For those seeking to use a qualification to meet entry for a University degree, it is the responsibility prospective learner to check with any relevant Regulating Bodies, Universities or Colleges, or Employer, that the course they are purchasing will be accepted, for work in their region and accepted as entry to the University. 

u) It is the responsibility of the buyer and prospective learner to read the Course Information that is publicly displayed and ensure they understand this information prior to making any payments. Once payment is made, and the buyer sends us the learner's details for enrolment, the buyer's involvement ends. Buyers are not involved in learning delivery and/or learning support of our learners. Courses For Jobs Ltd support our learners directly and if a learner needs support the learner must contact us directly, including for issues of login support. Once we have enrolled a learner on to a course, the buyer must not email us support requests on behalf of the learner; the buyer must not attempt to act as an intermediary between Courses For Jobs Ltd and our learner; and the buyer must not interfere in any way with our delivery of learning support to the learner.

v) Courses For Jobs Ltd and/or our staff will not be held responsible for any errors of judgement by the prospective learner in selecting the qualification they choose to study, or making payments for their chosen qualification/course. 

w) All users should read the Support Information posted at 


x) We reserve the right to refuse custom to provide qualifications, courses, training or advice and guidance to anyone, without having to provide a reason to that person. 

2 - Policies and procedures for Recognised Qualifications  

a) We do not teach these RQF or QCF courses, we support learning and we assess your submitted evidence and provide feedback on assessed evidence, according to Awarding Body requirements. Feedback to each assessment will be provided in writing within the ePortfolio. 

b) We provide learning support to the learner by giving the learner access to learning resources in their secure learning account on our secure Learning Management System (LMS) within www.coursesforjobs.com and each learning resource and online community is supported by a qualified Assessor

c) It is the learner's responsibility to study and read their learning resources, and update their knowledge and understanding, and their skills and competence. It is not up to the company to tell the learner when to study or how to study. Advice might be given, but ultimately the learner decides what they will do. 

d) All qualifications are self-paced and self-directed. It is the learner's responsibility to decide when to study, how to study, to submit assignment answers and work-based assessments, and any other activities they need to undertake to successfully complete the qualification to the required standard. For qualifications assessments, if there is no e-Portfolio activity for 3 months, the learner is deemed to have abandoned/deserted the qualification, and the learner will be removed from the active learner list and their e-Portfolio will be archived. If there is still no communication from the learner regarding the qualification by the expiry date of initial qualification enrolment, then that qualification enrolment will be permanently expired. After this, restarts will require full re-enrolment.   

e) All our RQF qualifications are taken by adults over 19 years old. The qualifications and courses are specifically delivered by online and distance learning courses, and therefore it is the learner's responsibility to complete their assignments and submit them. 

f) Recognised qualifications must be completed within the time-frame chosen by the learner during their enrolment, for example, if a learner chooses 12 months duration, then they should complete by their expected completion date. Those who pay one-off full fee will have 12-months study duration, as default, counted from the date when they enrolled into the qualification. Those who pay in monthly instalments will have maximum allowed completion dates for recognised qualifications as 12 months for Level 1, and 18 months for Levels 2, 3, 4 and Level 5 qualifications, as indicated by the learner when they first enrolled into the qualification.  

g) Maximum enrolment period is 24 months, for any qualification. 

h) After the enrolment period expires, the learner must re-enrol into the qualification with payment of full fees at whatever current fee rate prevails, or pro-rata to be calculated on a case-by-case basis.  

i) For recognised qualifications, Courses For Jobs Ltd completely separates "Learning" from "Assessments" as this removes any possibility or even the perception of any type of malpractice, either by the learning provider (the company), the Assessors, IQAs, or by the learner. Therefore, learners enrolled on Ofqual-recognised qualifications will have two accounts with us, a Learner Account on this LMS at https://www.coursesforjobs.com/ and a separate Assessment Account with e-Portfolio on a separate assessment platform

j) The Learner Account is our online equivalent of the "Classroom". The Assessment Account with e-Portfolio is our equivalent of "Exam Hall". The Assessment Account with e-Portfolio is to be used for Assessments only. Not for messaging Assessors for discussions.

k) The Assessment Account with e-Portfolio will not be used to conduct any type of learning activities; in the same way that a teacher doesn't conduct any type of teaching to students within the "Exam Hall" who are undertaking exams. 

l) The e-Portfolio messaging function will not be used by anyone in Courses For Jobs Ltd for sending and/or receiving messages on the Assessment Account. The e-Portfolio forum function will not be used to share learning content or provide learning support within the Assessment Account

m) Learners must must read and abide by the Assessment Plan provided by the Assessor, within the e-Portfolio. It is only after a submission of completed assignment or work-based evidence within the e-Portfolio that assessors will assess and grade the work the learner has submitted and add it to the portfolio of evidence as appropriate. 

n) Assessors will be assigned and paid to grade learners’ evidence based on assessor availability, and learners cannot choose which assessor will grade their coursework. 

o) All contact between Assessor and Learner must be in writing, through www.coursesforjobs.com Online Study Community for the Qualification and In-Course Discussion within online lessons on the LMS. 

p) Assessors will not communicate with learners outside the approved channels of communications whereby the communication can be fully recorded and stored in case of disputes. Assessors will not deliver private one-to-one tutorials to any learner, whether by Zoom or by phone, unless that learner has paid the Courses For Jobs Ltd the extra one-to-one tutorial fees of £50/hour, as required. Therefore Assessors will not conduct any phone conversations with learners. Any student who has paid extra fees for live one-to-one tutorials as part of Tutor-Directed Learning (TDL), will have live contact via live Zoom video calls, which will be recorded. Live appointments are treated the same as physical appointments, and if the learner fails to attend, the tutor will still be paid for turning up. Appointments for Live tutorials are scheduled in advance on a date and time chosen by the learner. If the learner on TDL fails to attend a booked appointment, they agree to pay £50 surcharge per booked and confirmed session they they did not attend as agreed. Until the learner makes that payment surcharge, all subsequent live TDL appointments will be put on hold, and subsequent tutorials will be pre-recorded for the learner and added to their learner account. Live TDL tutorials will only recommence after the payment surcharge is received for the session(s) whereby the learner failed to turn up as scheduled and agreed by them in advance of the booked appointment. Before restarting the live one-to-one tutorials, the learner will be required to confirm in writing, by email, that the learner has re-read and agreed with these terms and conditions. 

q) Learners needing support must use the LMS contact systems Online Community and In-Course Discussions, as provided through the Learner's Account Dashboard  at https://www.coursesforjobs.com/ 

r) All learners studying for recognised qualifications must abide by these terms and conditions in full, regardless of whatever amount of money they paid as fees. Those who breach these terms and conditions risk being expelled from the qualification they are studying.

3 - Responsibilities of Learners in addition the the above 

a) To ensure that you have all necessary digital abilities, ICT access and facilities required to participate in, and complete the course. 

b) You must ensure that you have sufficient self-motivation for online learning, distance learning study or blended learning study. 

c) You must ensure that you are sufficiently competent in reading skills, ICT skills and have the necessary equipment and network connections to enable you to receive and send emails and attachments for assessments, to use the Learning Management System (LMS) on www.coursesforjobs.com to view learning materials online and/or your smartphone, to use the electronic portfolio system (e-portfolio), all to complete your studies. 

d) If an additional textbook has been recommended for you, then you must ensure that you purchase your own copy of any recommended textbooks that will aid you in your studies. 

e) You must ensure that you are honest and of good character in providing evidence of your work activities (without cheating) to meet the required assessment criteria within the target timescales in order to complete your qualification. 

f) Learners studying full qualifications must read the Qualification Specifications and abide by all the assessment requirements set out by the Awarding Body for recognised qualifications. 

g) You must ensure that you complete all e-Portfolio Knowledge Tasks/Assignments, and Assessments according to the Unit Standards from the Awarding Body, as set out in the Assessment Plan. 

h) You must ensure that you do not cheat on the course, copy or plagiarise, or indulge in any academic misconduct. 

i) You must ensure that all work submitted by you was actually done by you, and not done by someone else.

j) To ensure that you do not copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, vary or modify any course materials or software underlying the courses, nor communicate them or it to any third party. Nor can you remove, adapt or otherwise tamper with any copyright, trademark or our logo which appears as part of the course. 

k) Learners enrolled in full recognised qualifications must use either the Appeals Procedure, or the Complaints Procedure, as appropriate, to report any issues. Note that any learner who has been caught cheating or involved in any type of misconduct, cannot use the Complaints Procedure to avoid the company's action and student disciplinary process. 

l) To ensure appropriate and respectful conduct is shown towards tutors, staff and other learners, where applicable. To ensure at all times that you treat our employees with courtesy and respect. We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour, either verbally, physically or in written format. Any attempt to undermine the Assessment process by undermining, ridiculing or humiliating our staff or raising unsubstantiated allegations, will result in expulsion from the programme. Learners must not use assignments to make false and unfounded allegations against the learning provider, such as by claiming that the training provider (us) are resentful of "trainees that fail to complete their training on schedule" or by claiming that requirements for re-enrolment from an expired enrolment is because the course provider is "penalising the trainee". Such false claims will result in student disciplinary processes that could lead to expulsion. We do not penalise anyone for not completing their coursework. If a learner's enrolment for a qualification expires, the enrolment closes, unless the learner decided to re-enrol by paying the required fees.

m) Unreasonable/abusive behaviour by the learner or anyone acting on behalf of a learner, is behaviour or language (whether verbal, i.e. face to face or by telephone, or written by email or letter) that may cause staff to feel intimidated, threatened or abused. These could result in expulsion of the student from the course/qualification. 

n) Examples of unreasonable or abusive behaviour may lead to expulsion include, but are not exclusive to: 

  • i) bullying 
  • ii) threats,
  • iii) verbal abuse in any form
  • iv) racist language or racist abuse, whether overt or covert racist undertones 
  • v) sexist language, or sexist abuse, whether overt or covert sexist undertones 
  • vi) racially-motivated bullying 
  • vii) derogatory or belittling remarks,
  • viii) offensive language of any sort, 
  • ix) rudeness, and/or aggressive behaviour, and/or threatening language by the learner, when communicating with us, including by email communications. 
  • x) learner refusing to read learning materials provided for the learner's support 
  • xi) learner refusing to read emails sent to the learner and insisting on telephoning to have content of said email read out to them on the telephone  
  • xii) learner claiming that login information was not sent to them, when there is clear evidence that this was sent, and clear evidence that the learner has logged into the LMS using the same login information that they claim not to have received, 
  • xiii) making inflammatory statements, or 
  • xiv) raising unsubstantiated allegations 
  • xv) spreading lies about the company or our staff to corporate partners such as Reed, Awarding Bodies, etc 
  • xvi) And anything else that can be classed as unreasonable or unprofessional in a work environment.

4 - Our Responsibilities as Training Provider 

a) To provide you with the Learning and Assessment Delivery and Support, according to the services purchased. 

b) On receipt of payment, to create your individual learning plan (ILP) on your e-Portfolio, based on your units/modules, and confirm this with you. 

c) On commencement of the programme of study, to provide you with full induction onto your course, including providing you with information regarding the Assessment Policies, Assessment Plan, the Appeals Procedure, and the Complaints Procedure, and training on using the e-Portfolio. 

d) To provide you with the necessary support, online tuition, and learning opportunities, and assessments which will lead to the award of the appropriate award/certificate/diploma subject to you successfully fulfilling the requirements of your programme and modules. 

e) To support you and provide you with Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), to enable you achieve your learning goals. 

f) Depending on the services purchased by the learner, to provide one-to-one tutorials and/or group webinars, live conferencing lectures/tutorials, as required, booked in advance by you on the online diary.

g) To mark assignments and assess submitted evidence according to the duration chosen and paid for by the learner, provided all payments are up-to-date. 

h) To ensure that all Assessment evidence are judged according to the principles of VARCS – Valid, Authentic, Relevant, Current, Sufficient

i) For learners who have paid for fast-track, to mark assignments within 5 workings days.

j) For learners on 12-months standard duration, to provide feedback on assignments/course work/assessments within 10 working days of the work being uploaded onto the e-portfolio, provided that payments are up-to-date.

k) For learners on 15-18 months standard duration, to provide feedback on assignments/course work/assessments within 15 working days of the work being uploaded onto the e-portfolio, provided that payments are up-to-date.

l) for learners on 24-months standard duration, to mark and provide feedback on assignments and submitted evidence within 20 working days of submission.

m) To reply to emails within one working day.

n) To provide a courteous, supportive and friendly service at all times.

o) To maintain the quality of the courses and qualifications.

p) To make available to learners studying Ofqual-recognised qualifications, an Assessment Policy, an Assessment Plan, Appeals Procedure, and a Complaints Procedure.

q) To maintain our Awarding Body Centre Approval and accreditation for all our approved qualifications.

r) To listen to feedback from learners and continue to develop our websites, learning materials, assessment materials, learner support, and learning delivery methods, for the benefit of our learners. 

s) To robustly and vigorously defend the company and our members of staff against unfounded allegations, spurious claims, and unreasonable behaviour, including any attempts to undermine the Qualifications Assessments Process by making false allegations against the Assessor or a Tutor,  to try to discredit the Assessor or Tutor; or attempts by anyone to defraud us by inappropriately requesting a refund when they have already viewed/used the online course, or claiming not to have received login emails when the learner's Activity Feeds clearly indicate that they have logged into the learner account and viewed the course(s). 

t) To enforce the Terms and Conditions, at all times. 

u) If a learner's company/organisation is paying for the learner's study, as evidenced by the name of the direct bill-payer, and the learner needs to be withdrawn from the qualification due to unreasonable and/or abusive behaviour, we will confirm in writing the circumstances for the withdrawal direct to the company payee/sponsor, if requested. 

v) If we are contacted about a learner for safeguarding reasons, either by a statutory authority or regulating body such as the CQC or the Local Authority/Council, or by the police/law enforcement authorities, we will be obliged to comply with the prevailing laws of England and Wales, to share information about the learner’s conduct and behaviour, including any untoward incidents caused by the learner that provides supporting evidence to that learner's character profile.

5 - Learning and Assessment Delivery and Support received by the learner are according to the services purchased as follows: 

  • eLearning Delivery with eLearning and Assessment Support, as standard
  • Extra Bespoke Tutorials and Career Support along with eLearning and Assessment, to those who pay for this extra support 
  • Standard Duration – between 12 months and 24 months
  • Fast Track or Accelerated Duration - for those who want to finish faster than the standard duration, and pay for faster assessment.

6 - Training and Blended Learning Support depends on the delivery option paid for by the learner and can include:

  • eLearning support for all
  • email support for all,
  • distance learning support using learning resources and In-Course messaging within www.coursesforjobs.com LMS,
  • Recorded or live web conferencing synchronised with audio conferencing, for those who paid for one-to-one support and/or fast track,
  • Blended learning support - for those who paid for one-to-one support and fast track support, subject to terms and conditions
  • Note that a learner will only receive the service they paid for and cannot demand a higher-level service either by bullying staff or making spurious complaints, or by getting their manager to contact our staff to bully or intimidate us.

7 - Those learners studying for full qualifications will receive

  • Learning and Development Delivery and Support
  • Assessments, Feedback, and written Support;
  • Portfolio Building and support to understand how to use the ePortfolio, matrix completion, gap analysis etc.;
  • Information, Advice and Guidance;
  • Internal Quality Assurance;
  • External Quality Assurance;
  • Qualification Certification;
  • Employability Support, as appropriate;
  • Qualification Progression, as appropriate

8 - By purchasing your course/qualification from Courses For Jobs Ltd, you form a legally binding contract with Courses For Jobs Ltd for delivery of your course or qualification and you are liable for the full payment, whether you are allowed to pay by monthly instalments or not. If a learner cancels after the 14-day cancellation period, they are still liable for the full fee as contracted by them. We reserve the right to pass any unpaid defaults to a debt collection agency. 

9 - Courses For Jobs Ltd reserves the right to change and/or update these terms and conditions without having to give any prior notice to any clients or prospective clients whatsoever. 

By continuing to use our website and our secure LMS (Learning Management System) and our Assessment systems, all users are deemed to have irrevocably agreed that they have read and will abide by these terms and conditions.