The Care Certificate Standards 1 to 15

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This Care Certificate Standards 1 to 15 course is delivered in plain text reading materials made for easy access for low internet-bandwidth devices, and small screens such as mobile phones and tablets. 

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This Care Certificate Standards 1 to 15 is available to everyone, in the UK or outside the UK. There are no geographical restrictions, and no eligibility criteria. 

The Care Certificate Standards 1 to Standard 15 is delivered online by Courses For Jobs Ltd in our secure password-protected LMS (Learning Management System). 

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About the Care Certificate 

The Care Certificate is an entry-level course and induction programme for new starters within health and social care. 

The Care Certificate is a key component of the overall induction that employers must provide to their staff, legally and in order to meet the essential standards set out by the Care Quality Commission. 

The Care Certificate was developed jointly by Skills for Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health. 

The Care Certificate is an agreed set of standards that define the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sectors. It is made up of the 15 minimum standards that should be covered if for those new to care work or changing jobs, and should form part of a robust induction programme. 

The Care Certificate is line with the latest UK legislation and meet the requirements set out by Skills for Care, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Health and Safety Executive and other professional and regulatory bodies 


The 15 Standards of the Care Certificate covered in this course

This care certificate training course covers the following standards:

  • Care Certificate Standard 1. Understand your role
  • Care Certificate Standard 2. Your personal development
  • Care Certificate Standard 3. Duty of care
  • Care Certificate Standard 4. Equality and diversity
  • Care Certificate Standard 5. Work in a person-centred way
  • Care Certificate Standard 6. Communication
  • Care Certificate Standard 7. Privacy and dignity
  • Care Certificate Standard 8. Fluids and nutrition
  • Care Certificate Standard 9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
  • Care Certificate Standard 10. Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • Care Certificate Standard 11. Safeguarding children
  • Care Certificate Standard 12. Basic life support
  • Care Certificate Standard 13. Health and safety
  • Care Certificate Standard 14. Handling information
  • Care Certificate Standard 15. Infection prevention and control 


Who is the Care Certificate for? 

Everyone, including:

  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Social Care Support Workers
  • Nurses
  • Allied Healthcare Workers
  • Doctors
  • Voluntary Staff working in all areas of care 
  • Anyone changing jobs within the care sector 


Requirements for the Care Certificate:

  • The Care Certificate is openly available to everyone
  • No prior learning knowledge or experience is required
  • Your time  
  • Your motivation 
  • Access to an internet-enabled device to login to the course. 


How the Care Certificate is assessed 

The online materials include quizzes and activities. 

Completion of the assessments provides evidence towards meeting the knowledge and competence requirements of each of the unit standards.


Career path after completion of the Care Certificate

After completion of the Care Certificate, successful learners will: 

  • Show proof of their updated knowledge and understanding 
  • Apply for jobs in care that require periodic continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Show evidence as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, e.g. doctors, nurses and allied health professionals