Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) (England) - qualification overview

The Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) (England) is the current qualification approved by CQC and Skills for Care, as the recognised qualification for lead adult care workers, senior care assistants, live-in care workers, and others in similar job roles in England. 

The qualification fees cover full qualification delivery, assessments and certification including:

  • qualification assessment by a fully qualified, occupationally competent Assessor,
  • learning resources delivered through inclusive 30 separate courses,
  • portfolio-building and evidence matrices
  • ongoing learner support,
  • online communities and peer support,
  • internal quality assurance,
  • external quality assurance,
  • external certification on completion,
  • printed Hard-copy Diploma certificate from the Awarding Body.

Key facts of this recognised qualification

Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) England

Awarding Body: Highfield Qualifications

Study Type: Part Time Study, Distance Learning

Entry Requirements: No formal requirements

Qualification number: 610/1372/9 (also known as QAN - Qualification Accreditation Number)

Learning aim reference: 61013729

Credit value: 58

Assessment method: Portfolio of Evidence

Guided learning hours (GLH): 389

Total qualification time (TQT): 580

The objective of this qualification is to support a role in the workplace, such as lead adult care workers, lead personal assistants, care supervisors or community support workers to name a few. This qualification forms the competence requirements for those learners working in adult care settings at level 3.

Learner/role profile 

Learners will have responsibility for providing person-centred, values-driven care and support for those accessing a service. The learner will work under the direction of a manager or supervisor but will have a degree of autonomy. As well as demonstrating best practice, they will be working towards promoting and modelling it. Learners may or may not have supervisory responsibilities for others.

Learners will most likely be working in the following settings:

  • residential or nursing homes
  • domiciliary care
  • day centres
  • healthcare 

Qualification Rules of Combination

The content of the qualification covers core content that applies to the adult social care sector with a variety of optional units covering additional knowledge and skills applicable to learners in level 3 roles.

To complete the Highfield Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) (England), learners must complete the following:
• all units contained within the mandatory group totaling 39 credits
• a minimum of 19 credits from the optional group

Mandatory Units

1 - Promoting Effective Communication in Care Settings
2 - Effective Handling of Information in Care Settings
3 - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Care Settings
4 - Promoting Personal Wellbeing
5 - Promoting Person-Centred Practice in Care Settings
6 - Promoting Choice and Independence in Care Settings
7 - Promoting Individuals’ Health and Wellbeing in Care Settings
8 - Promoting Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Human Rights in Care Settings
9 - Promoting General Health and Safety in Care Settings
10 - Promoting Specialised Health and Safety in Care Settings
11 - Promoting Infection Prevention and Control in Care Settings
12 - Care Worker Responsibilities and Ways of Working
13 - The Principles of Duty of Care in Care Settings
14 - The Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Care Settings
15 - The Principles of Mental Capacity and Restrictive Practice in Care Settings

Popular Optional Units

20 - Understand the process and experience of dementia

36 - Understand sensory loss

62 - Administer Medication to individuals and monitor the effects

73 - Provide support to maintain and develop skills for everyday life

79 - Support individuals to access and use services and facilities 

There are many other optional units available, that the learner can choose from, after enrolment. 

Enrolment Requirements for Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) (England)

Internet access.

Location requirements - must be in England, UK 

Anyone currently outside England, who is interested in the qualification, can start if they are sure they will be in England within the next two years, to finish the work-based assessments as required. 

Work requirements 

The Learner must be working in a real job within a real care setting in England. The job may be full time, part-time, or agency; the type of employment contract does not matter.

Qualification pre-requisites

There are no formal prerequisites for this Level 3 qualification and no formal previous qualification required. 

It is expected that learners will already possess the Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF), as the learner's role as Lead Adult Care Worker will require them to supervise adult care workers who are already possess the Level 2 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) or the Level 2 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care (RQF).  

Those learners who don't already possess a Level 2 qualification can gain the required knowledge and skills of Level 2 Adult Care Worker in England, by studying the remedial equivalent learning bundles that will be provided to them after enrolment, subject to terms and conditions. 

it is recommended that learners have a minimum of Level 2 in literacy and numeracy or equivalent.

Learning and Assessment

Learning and Assessment 

How Learning is delivered 

The Highfield Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) (England) is delivered via this LMS through a digital textbook, workbooks, online learning materials, online course discussions, and support by a tutor.

How Learning is Assessed 
Learners are assessed through a series of questions and workbooks to assess their knowledge and understanding.

To assess the learner's practical skills and competence, the Assessor will use a variety of assessment methods to gather work-based evidence including:

  • Work-products evidence 
  • Personal Statements 
  • Reflective Accounts 
  • Case Studies 
  • Professional Discussions

Bite-sized delivery of the qualification

The qualification is delivered in a bite-sized manner via at least 20 different separate private courses that make it easy for busy learners to manage their learning and assessments. 

These delivery courses are only available to those who enrol into the full qualification. 

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