Earn money by referring others to us

This short course teaches you how to earn money through this site. 

It is free to join us and earn with us. 

There are no targets and no obligation, and the referral program is quite flexible.

The key to success as an Affiliate is to only share your Affiliate links with your Affiliate code, never the ordinary links without your code. 

If a new purchase is made by someone who click through your Affiliate link, our system will automatically capture your Affiliate code and our system will automatically assign the percentage commission on the sale to the Affiliate links that generated the referral. 

On the other hand, if you share our ordinary website links without your Affiliate link, then any sales from the ordinary sales without any Affiliate links will be logged by the system as people who "just wandered into our shop off the street" rather than having been specifically directed to us by anyone.  

Therefore, to successfully earn commission using your Affiliate Account, only share your Affiliate links with your Affiliate code already embedded in the Affiliate link. 

As always, you must read every word on this course, and ensure that you operate according to our procedures. 

When you share your Affiliate link with your friends, family, and other people you know, if you are worried that your contact may not click your Affiliate link, then tell them to click your link because it tells our website that the referral came from you.