About this IAG course

This IAG course prepares prospective students wanting to study the Level 3 Diploma in Team Leading and Supervision (RQF).

This IAG course enables the learner to get full information on the content of the qualification, details of assessment criteria in each unit, how the qualification is delivered, how the qualification is assessed for knowledge criteria, and for competence criteria, and the level of skills expected to be demonstrated during assessment. 

Prospective learners are encouraged to carefully read all the information provided and reflect on the information provided, to ensure they have understood the implications.  

The nominal fee for this IAG course provides the prospective learner to gain comprehensive information before making full qualification payments and making the time commitments required. 

If, after completing this IAG course, the learner realises the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) is not for them, then then this IAG would have enabled the prospective learner to make an informed decision. 

For those learners who decide that this qualification is the right one for them, this IAG course will enable them to be better prepared, and should increase their chances of successful completion of the actual qualification. 

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