Managing and Leading People At Work

This course in Managing and Leading People is a leadership and management learning programme for anyone intending to manage and lead people in any industry and any sector, including managers, team leaders, supervisors, coordinators, etc. 

The learning content are applicable to businesses of any size, whether it is a large organisation, a small business with two employers, or a self-employed freelancer managing and influencing work relationships. 

Managing and leading other people is a dynamic process that is always evolving to accommodate changes in the diverse and complex workplace and external environment. This makes the process of managing other people a challenging and daunting task task facing any manager. 

This course, on leadership and management, provides the learner with the knowledge, understanding and skills that will help to develop and manage effective and high-performing teams of satisfied and productive individuals. 

Self-awareness and self-management is an important start to becoming an effective manager and leader. Interpersonal skills are extremely important as you need to be able to influence others to accomplish their own performance goals, and the organisation's goals. These interpersonal skills are important both in one-to-one interactions, and in group or team interactions. 

A crucial part of the manager's success depends on creating high-performing teams. This requires the manager to display the abilities to set goals, plan and design work, delegate tasks, motivate team members and other followers, appraise performance, and solve problems. 

As a leader of your team you need to invest considerable time in supporting others and helping them to improve their performance and develop their careers. This can be achieved through successful mentoring being used by the manager to contribute to the fufilment of personal, professional, and organisational goals. 

In this course you will gain knowledge, understanding, skills, and practical tips that enable you to enhance your effectiveness as a manager and becoming a leader that others want to follow. 

There are four modules as follows:

  • Know and Understand Yourself (Self-Leadership)
  • Interacting with others at work (Managerial Effectiveness)
  • Managing a team 
  • Leading others and Providing Direction 

Know and Understand Yourself (Self Leadership) 

Learning coverage include: 

  • Developing Self-Awareness 
  • Using Emotional Intelligence 
  • Applying assertiveness 
  • Examining your assumptions 
  • Clarifying your values 
  • Developing your personal mission statement 

Interacting with others at work (Managerial effectiveness)  

Your effectiveness as a manager is defined by your ability to interact with others. 

The skills and abilities to effectively interact with others include: 

  • Communicating Effectively 
  • Sending clear messages 
  • Listening actively and attentively 
  • Reading non-verbal clues 
  • Supporting Skills Development in other people 
  • Inspiring other people 
  • Giving feedback 
  • Negotiating 
  • Managing Conflict 
  • Valuing diversity 

Managing a team 

Teams are the cornerstone of successful organisational performance in all types of organisations, whether private, public, commercial, or nonprofit.  

The skills and abilities needed to effectively manage a team include: 

  • Setting goals and planning 
  • Designing work 
  • High performing teams 
  • Delegating effectively 
  • Motivating others 
  • Appraising performance 

Leading others and Providing Direction 

Leadership is the process of providing direction, influencing and energising others, and obtaining commitment from followers to the shared organisational goals. 

Managers need to lead their team.

The skills and abilities needed to effectively lead others include: 

  • Taking an ethical path and setting ethical boundaries for the team to follow
  • Ensuring cultural fit 
  • Solving problems 
  • Building power 
  • Managing change 
  • Helping others to improve 
  • Coaching and mentoring 
  • Managing careers 

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