Support individuals who are distressed

Course description

This course, Support individuals who are distressed, teaches learners how to professionally support distressed individuals in care settings, and how care staff can protect themselves from the long-term impact on their own well-being from repeated exposure to distressing situations and distressed individuals in their care jobs. 

In this course, you will learn about why people that you support may experience distress. 

There are many reasons for an individual becoming distressed; every person is different. 

How people react to stress can be very different too. Whatever the reasons of their distress, it is important that you are able to offer support and comfort, and to reduce and relieve the distress wherever possible. 

You will learn how to help to support a person who is distressed using an individual and holistic approach to help to reduce and relieve their distress. 

The person’s condition can change, so it is also important that you know how to keep an eye on this.

In this course, Support individuals who are distressed, you will learn to deal with distressed individuals in care settings, avoid long-term impact on yourself & possible PTSD from repeated exposure to distressing situations in your care job.

  1. Causes and effects of distress
  2. Understand how working with distressed individuals may impact on your own well-being
  3. Sources of support to manage your feelings when working with distressed individuals
  4. Preparing to support individuals who are experiencing distress
  5. Support individuals through periods of distress
  6. Support individuals to reduce distress
  7. Record and report on an individual’s distress

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